An Overview of LabelSuite

Every purchase of a LabelTac® printer includes the intuitive labeling software known as LabelSuite™. LabelSuite™ was developed with user in mind and offers a familiar and easy-to-learn interface with all the tools you will need to create custom labels like a professional.  Whether it’ a GHS label for a chemical container or a tool identification label for your next 5S project, the LabelSuite™ software is the easiest software you can use to produce the perfect label for your facility. The following are a few different ways you can customize and design your own label.

100% Custom

You can design a label in LabelSuite™ completely from scratch, simply choose the size of the label to get started. You can then add in text boxes, resize them, and edit the format of the text choosing the font and size you want. Signal words and messages can be formatted for color and you can choose to bold or italicize the word(s). Symbols are another important part of the label and with LabelSuite™, you have access to not only the library of downloaded symbols, but also an online library filled with thousands of symbols. Whether you need a hazardous waste pictogram or a flame symbol, you can be sure to find the perfect fit for your facility.


If you want to create a label even faster, LabelSuite™ has hundreds of templates to choose from. From first aid labels to NFPA diamonds and more, simply choose the template you need and plug in any necessary information. You also have the option to design and save your own custom templates for later use. For instance, you could create templates that feature your company’s logo to be used in the future. Templates often have modules that can be changed quickly and you will be able to print off many labels in a short amount of time.

Labeling Assistants

Some labels can be more difficult to design than others. GHS labels or ammonia pipe markers for example, require specific information laid out in a specific format. LabelSuite™ includes different types of “assistants” to guide you through the design process. Simply input a couple pieces of information and the labeling assistant will turn it into a professional-grade label ready to be printed.

No matter how you decide to make your label, completely from scratch or built upon an existing logo, the LabelSuite™ software and LabelTac® printer guarantees the label will be crisp and durable. Lines won’t be smudged, and the label will last for many years in an industrial environment. The advantage of a LabelTac® printer is not only having the ability to print labels, but having the ability to design those labels with the intuitive LabelSuite™ software.

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