Benefits of an In-House Printer

Any warehouse or industrial facility will greatly benefit from having a label printer on hand. Fromcreating safety signs to organizational labels, the options for what you can create with an industrial label printer is virtually limitless, below are just a variety of applications:

Hazmat labels: If your facility has chemical containers, they should each be labeled with the contents and risks the chemical poses with NFPA or GHS labels.
Barcode labels: Barcode labels can be made for many reasons, from tracking inventory to organizing materials. Using labeling software, you can add information to custom barcodes that will show up when the barcode is scanned.
First aid labels: Print off green first aid labels to identify locations of first aid equipment and areas like eyewash stations and first aid kits.
Safety: Quickly label workplace hazards including dangerous equipment, locations, and activities. There is label supply available with pre-printed OSHA approved headers to make compliant labels or signs easy.
Organization: Visual communication is often critical for the success of a Lean or 5s program. Design and produce custom labels to help organize work cells and storage areas.
Pipe marking: All of the pipes in a facility should be labeled with the contents and flow direction. Industrial custom labels are an excellent material to be used on pipes and will last in industrial conditions.
Signs: Although label printers do only print vinyl labels, you can purchase what are called sign blanks. Simply adhere the label to the blank for an instant safety, traffic, or organization sign!

Having an in-house industrial label printer will give you many advantages over ordering labels and signs from a catalog. Arguably one of the most important advantages is the cost you’ll save by making your own labels and signs. Using the LabelTac series of industrial printers, you can save up to 75% versus labels bought from a catalog or made from a different label printer.

Replacing or refreshing an existing labeling strategy, like pipe marking or rack labeling, can become a complicated project. Having your own label printer in your facility ensures you can begin and complete even a large labeling project in a single workday. You can design and produce labels for the exact sign you need. If you need a label that is 12-inches in length for instance, and accidentally order a label that’s 2-inches in length, it could take weeks to get a new label shipped to you. Having a label printer and labeling software in the workplace can fix sizing or spelling errors quickly!

Industrial label printers can produce labels that are both look professional grade and extremely tough. Label supply for these printers are often developed to withstand many aspects of an industrial workplace like dirt, grease, and caustic chemicals. These labels will not smudge or scratch off over time so you’re sure to have them looking great for years to come.

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