Having an industrial label printer in your facility can be extremely beneficial for safety and organizational efforts. With an in-house printer any labeling project you decide to embark on can go smoothly and quickly. From small cable labels, to large easy-to-read wayfinding labels, you can create professional grade labels in a matter of minutes.

Labels made from industrial label printers are very different from typical labels made with a household label maker. Industrial label printers produce labels that are meant to withstand industrial environments. This means even with chemicals, weather, or dusty environments, these labels will not be scratched, will not fade, and will not smudge. Instead, these durable labels will last for many years to come.

While the first thought of industrial labels may be safety labels, the options of labels you can make for your facility are virtually limitless. Organization in the workplace will greatly benefit from labeling. You can create labels of all sizes perfect for racks, bins, and shelves to let workers identify equipment or know where items go. Label printers are ideal for printing and producing chemical labels, shipping labels, barcode & QR labels, GHS labels, pipe labels, and more!

Having an in-house industrial label printer can also save costs and save the headache that comes with ordering labels from a catalog. In just a few minutes you can create a professional looking label that is exactly what you need without the hassle of catalog ordering. You can ensure you’re printing the right size with correct spelling for a fraction of the cost.

On this site we will discuss advantages and capabilities of label printers and review different available printer models. We’ll look at projects to use your label printer for and how label printers can benefit many different industries. You can improve safety, organization, visibility and much more with an industrial label printer and we’ll show you how!