An Overview of LabelSuite

Every purchase of a LabelTac® printer includes the intuitive labeling software known as LabelSuite™. LabelSuite™ was developed with user in mind and offers a familiar and easy-to-learn interface with all the tools you will need to create custom labels like a professional.  Whether it’ a GHS label for a chemical container or a tool identification

What is a thermal printer?

A thermal printer is not your typical household printer. Instead of using lasers or ink to create text and images, thermal printers use heat sensitive supplies to produce a high-quality result quickly and with less waste. Thermal printers are now very common for commercial enterprises and in industrial workplaces. Movie tickets are often printed using

Benefits of an In-House Printer

Any warehouse or industrial facility will greatly benefit from having a label printer on hand. Fromcreating safety signs to organizational labels, the options for what you can create with an industrial label printer is virtually limitless, below are just a variety of applications: • Hazmat labels: If your facility has chemical containers, they should each