Creating Safety Signs with a Label Printer

Safety signs are an essential item for many facilities. These signs can be put up in virtually any location to convey important information about specific threats in the area. Each facility will need a different set of these safety signs based on the hazards that they want to address. This is why most companies today want to be able to create their own safety signs on site rather than having to order them from a third party print shop. One of the fastest and most affordable ways to do this is to use an industrial label printer.

Industrial label printers are used in many factories, warehouses, and other facilities to create the labels that are needed. Being able to create safety signs with these printers is a great way to get even more out of the device. Learn more about how to create safety signs with a label printer, and why this is a good idea, by reading the rest of this article.

Types of Label Printers

There are several different types of industrial label printers on the market today and they can all be used to create safety signs. One of the most common types works similarly to a normal printer except that it is sized to use label stock. In addition, the ink and stock that is used is designed for labels. This typically means that it will be printing on vinyl material or other commonly used label stock.

Another popular type of label maker is known as a thermal printer. These printers use heat to transfer an image onto label stock. Modern thermal printers can quickly create labels or safety signs that contain images, different colors, and much more. The big advantage of these printers is that they do a great job on the thicker label stock that is typically needed in industrial settings.

Safety Sign Software

Most label printers will come with software that is used to design the labels that are needed. Part of this label design program will also include options to create signs. If your particular label printer doesn’t have this type of software included with it, you can often download or purchase additional software that will allow this type of functionality.

The software will likely come with a variety of pre-loaded templates for both labels and safety signs. This allows you to select from many of the most popular signs, or design your own. Having this type of flexibility is a great option for companies that want to be able to have the signs and labels they need without having to purchase multiple different types of printers.

Making Larger Safety Signs

If you need to make safety signs that are larger than your label printer is able to handle, you can simply create the sign in multiple layers. Most label printers are able to create labels that are as long as you need them. When the desired length is reached the printer will cut the label stock off. To make a safety sign that is wider than the printer can handle, you can simply print multiple labels of the same length and hang them together.

Most label printers will come with software that can format the print job so that it puts each section of the safety sign onto one label. When everything is printed, the labels just need to be applied to a wall or other material one at a time so they all fit together. This will allow you to make a sign any size you want it while using the label printer that you already have on site.

Why Create Safety Signs

Some people may ask why it is necessary to have safety signs at all. In most cases an area that has some type of hazard can be identified with a simple label. While labels are a great option for many situations, there are certainly times when additional detail is needed. For example, there are times when creating a safety sign that not only alerts people to the risk of falling objects, but also shows them that they need to be wearing a hard hat is important.

There are many different ways that safety signs can be used in a facility. Having the ability to create them on site when they are needed is important for many companies. Many companies even use these printers to create temporary safety signs in areas where changes are being made or other activities are taking place. Since these printers can quickly make up exactly what is needed, it is possible to alert people to possible dangers right away.

Any facility that is looking to improve safety should definitely consider using their existing industrial label printer, or purchasing one if they don’t already have it, to create this type of sign. It is easy to do, very affordable, and can help to create a safer overall environment for everyone.

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