Creating Custom Chemical and GHS Labels

Did you know OSHA ranked hazard communication as the second most violated safety standard? Since 2012, OSHA has required companies to follow the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals. This includes having the chemical containers in your facility labeled with a GHS compliant label. These labels have a specific format to them including signal words, chemical precautions, and hazard pictograms.

Starting a new GHS labeling program or updating you current one could take weeks or even months, but with an industrial label printer a GHS project can be completed in just a few days with little effort.  Often times companies need to custom order GHS labels from a catalog or online and wait for the label to come in the mail. There is however, a simpler option! Creating custom GHS labels in your own facility can be a cost and time saving effort and is ultimately the ideal option when it comes to GHS labels.

Using an industrial thermal transfer printer can produce extremely durable labels for the chemicals in your workplace. The tough, tear resistant label material will survive industrial workplaces and not smudge, smear, or fade over time, even when common industrial chemicals are splashed onto it. Many companies that sell label printers for industrial purposes also sell compliant GHS printer supply. Because these printers often only have monocolor printing systems, GHS supply comes with the red hazard pictogram pre-printed onto the supply. This pre-printed supply comes in several configurations, from one diamond labels up to five diamond labels, so you can truly create the best label for your facility.

To create a custom and compliant GHS label, all you need is the name of the chemical or the corresponding safety data sheet (SDS). Using design programs with your printer, you will just need to insert chemical information from the SDS into the correct fields. Some printers will come with its own design software. For instance, every LabelTac printer comes with the intuitive software of LabelSuite included in the purchase. The software has a feature where all you need to do is plug in the chemical name and a custom GHS label will be instantly designed. After the label is designed, all you need to do is print it out and place it on the chemical container! These labels will not only be compliant with the GHS standard but will also last in nearly any industrial environment.

The only major cost associated with printing your own GHS labels is the cost of a thermal transfer printer. However, it is important to remember that chemicals aren’t the only labels you can print. Industrial label printers have a number of uses for them and can truly save you a great deal of money in the long run. Having a printer in house that is capable of printing professional grade labels in a variety of sizes can be a huge advantage. In just a matter of minutes you can print off safety labels, barcoding labels, organization labels, first aid labels, and so much more!

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