Where can I use custom labels?

If your workplace has never had the option to design and produce labels in house, the concept of custom labels can seem like a lot. While ordering labels from a catalog or online will often suffice, there are instances where printing custom labels is a simpler and cheaper option.

Below are just a few of the different applications that would benefit from an industrial label printer:

  • Inventory: Managing you inventory can be made simple with a label printer. Labeling software like LabelSuite™ gives you the option to create and print labels with a custom QR or UPC code that can in turn be adhered to warehouse shelves. When designing the labels, you will be able to attach specific and useful information to the code for when it’s scanned. Not only can barcode technology benefit an inventory management system, it can also be used for machine tagging, package sorting, time tracking, and more.
  • Chemical hazards: Every container, no matter the size, with a hazardous substance must be properly marked with a GHS-compliant label. Ordering GHS labels can be a viable option if you only need a limited amount but it’s a different story for chemical importers, distributors, and manufacturers. An industrial label printer allows you to print custom professional-grade labels in a matter of minutes. These labels extremely durable and will save you the headache of constantly calling in label orders and waiting for them to arrive.
  • Pipe marking: Every facility has its own set of unique needs when it comes to pipe labeling and an industrial label printer is the most convenient (and cost-effective) option when it comes to securing those labels. When you have the option to print durable pipe labels on site, a pipe marking project can be started and finished in a day and damaged or unreadable labels can be replaced immediately.
  • Organization: Labels have long been a tried and true organizational tool and having the ability to print custom organization labels can improve the efficiency of your facility. Custom labels can be placed on shelves, drawers, bins, and storage containers to ensure your workplace is operating smoothly.
  • Safety labels: Labels are a common visual communication tool used in workplace safety and it is important to use labels that communicate the specific hazards in a facility. Generic labels or labels you order from a catalog can sometimes be vague and is not an effective option for safety. With a label printer however, you can create arc flash labels, PPE labels, fire safety labels, and much more!

Whether it’s a large labeling project or a manufacturing activity requires custom labels, having an industrial label printer on site to design and print labels will be a huge advantage.

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